Welcome to my website!
I have been thinking about it for a long time, my wish came true, now its ready. Latest photos, info about Scouting, and much moreis now available in here.
So welcome all those, who are on the opposite site of my Web! :)

Well here we go
My names is Abbas, I am from Baku, Azerbaijan, for those who are not A-students in geographyIts a little country located somewhere between Russian and Iran, borders with Georgia, Armenia in the West, in the East it borders with Caspian sea. What can I say about this web site, its created just to inform you about me, my friends and all crazy things going on in here.

There is also a little emphasis on Scouting, the thing that is much more than just a free time hobby for me. And here are some photos and many, many links for my photo albums, more than 500 flick & pics

So welcome you all guys... :)

Executive committee of ASA and regional coordinator
For 21WSJ and 2007events
AZ 1154 Mayakovsky 10/17
+99450 5344471

29July 10 August 2005
Euro Jam 2005
The European Scout Jamboree, is a big camp for 20.000 scout all over Europe. EuroVille is an innovation addition and zest of an event. Chelsford, UK read more..

27July 8 August 2007
21st World Scout Jamboreee
The biggest event camping with 40.000 scouts allover the world.
100 centenary of Scouting. Gifts for piece project, Scouting Sunrise will have an unforgettable effect. Chelsford, UK read more..

January, 2008
13th World Scout Moot
Action for adult leaders, will take place in Mozambique read more..
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